Round n’ Round

Hi readers. Check this out:

(image: Engadget)


I saw this cool toy by Kogeto a couple weeks ago. First time doing a kickstarter throw-down, but look at at this thing! Awesome huh? I already see myself showing the folks around the new apartment, and making groovy, “That 70’s Show” pot circle parodies with my friends.

Tell me this, gang……

1. What would you do with a nifty, snap on device like this? 

2.(Disclaimer: I’ve already researched this question and have found some interesting solutions on the web, I wanna know what YOU think)

What do you guys want to see in a pro-style, HD-enabled version of a 360 setup? How would you design it? 

'til next time

11:17 pm, BY zpzwatercooler